Export of Deglet Noor Supplier Tunisia

The main Tunisian variety, Deglet Noor Supplier Tunisia is highly valued by the export market. This is because of its particular taste, delicious flavor, texture and long shelf life.

Complete energetic food, rich in sucrose and trace elements, Deglet Noor also contains beta carotene and amino acids. The date palm cultivation of Deglet Noor is possible only in the oasis areas located in southern Tunisia.

Besides, between the flowering and the harvest of Deglet Noor dates, the production cycle of a date palm lasts between 8 and 10 months. During the month of March-April, Deglet Noor is a fruit of green color and round shape. Deglet Noor would reach its final size during the summer with a beautiful yellow and smooth colour.

Indeed, Deglet Noor Supplier Tunisia does not ripen until the autumn, after the strong heat of the summer. It is therefore from the second half of September to December that the harvest for the variety Deglet Noor would take place.

Moreover, for the farmer, the sales methods of Deglet Noor are as follows:

Sale of standing date trees Deglet Noor Tunisia 

First of all, a collector travels to the plots where Deglet Noor Supplier Tunisia date palms are cultivated and then offers a sum of money that would be calculated on the basis of an estimate of the average yield of each Deglet Noor palm multiplied by the number of Deglet Noor palms present in the plot. The purchase price is set by the market and exporters, who impose limits on collectors for the purchase prices.

Sale per kilo of Deglet Noor Tunisia 

To begin with, a collector from Deglet Noor Supplier Tunisia will have to process between 100 and 300 tonnes per campaign. He is the main intermediary between factories and farmers and will only buy varieties requested by exporters such as Deglet Noor.

Between 2018 and 2019, more than 228 thousand tons of Deglet Noor have been harvested, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries.

As the leading exporter of Deglet Noor dates in the world, the Tunisian offer had to adapt and therefore diversify and enrich the range of Deglet Noor by offering, for example, pitted dates and date derivatives used as ingredients.